Sustainable Management

Environmental Management

Daesung Engineering's Environmental Management

We have established and practiced management policies to minimize environmental pollution sources that may occur in all processes of product production.

Environmental Management Activities

We set a management policy to minimize environmental pollution and constantly strive with the goal of saving energy.

  • Goal

    Setting energy-saving goals

    We practice environmental management by setting energy-saving goals, measuring performance and continuously saving energy and contribute to rich life and the preservation of the global environment based on these performance indicators.

  • Education

    Environmental safety education

    Through continuous environmental safety education, we support employees to recognize corporate social responsibility and practice environmental guidelines.

  • Practice

    Waste Battery Collection Campaign

    We achieve quantitative and qualitative environmental management goals by carrying out a campaign to collect about 300 kg of waste batteries for one year.

Obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate

Daesung Engineering has acquired ISO14001 certification for all areas of semiconductor and mechanical equipment by establishing and continuously implementing an environmental management system according to company-wide standards.


  • Applied standard: KS I ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015

  • Certification scope: Design/development, production, installation and service of semiconductor equipment/parts and mechanical equipment